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Wormwood Essential Oil – Things You Should Know Before Maximizing Its Health Benefits 0

essential oil of wormwood

Essential oils have their own way to captivate the feelings of each person. Most often we think that all oils are the same, but they have their own qualities, which we often ignore. One of these oils is the essential oil of wormwood, extracted by steam by distillation of leaves and twigs, as well as the flowering tops of Artemisia absentium that belong to the Asteraceae family of trees. It is known that it was originally found in Asia. The twigs, leaves and flowers of the tree have beta-thujone, linalo-acetate, trans -abinol, alpha-thujone and geranil propionate. Essential oil of wormwood is known to be toxic due to the presence of thujone in a much higher concentration, so it is neurotoxic. Therefore, for all users, be careful when using this. And note that prolonged use of this oil is not recommended and should be avoided.

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Although it consists of toxic components, it is still used to treat jaundice and hepatitis.

 It also helps in the treatment of inflammation, especially in the difficulties of the gallbladder. This oil is also known for its diuretic effect, which helps increase urine excretion in those who have difficulty urinating. It is also known as vasodil, it promotes vasodilation. The strength of its aroma is average, so it is not too difficult for our senses. His liquid is pale yellow. It mixes well with lavender, orange, oak moss and jasmine. This essential oil is very aromatic, so it helps us immediately feel the feeling of relaxation that it provides. This oil is also a teacher, which means that it accelerates and promotes the production of bile from the liver and stimulates the excretion of other substances. It also promotes digestion, so when digestive problems arise, it can be used, but in very low artemisia annua cancer dosage, to be safer, consult your doctor about this. And can you believe that it has insecticidal properties? It is also used as an insect repellent. And this oil has narcotic properties, it is used to calm people with anxiety, nervous breakdowns, stress, seizures, insomnia, and even epileptics.

These are just some of the sweet wormwood health benefits.

Although its name itself sounds strange, its effect can really help us in many ways. This oil is very useful and should also be used in deep precautionary measures in order to avoid accidents. By simply asking and searching for your data, you can help him in many ways.